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Terms & Conditions Updated:  8/12/2018
There is no term agreement for our service provided. Our clients may cancel at any time prior to 24 hours period of scheduled cleaning including weekends and holidays for any reason. Cancellation fees may apply in some situations. Please review the following terms and conditions carefully.  By accepting our services, our clients are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:  

1. Payments
Method of payments accepted are cash, check, credit card (American Express, Discovery, Master Card, and/or Visa), and/or PayPal. All payments are due within 7 days (1 week) after performed service for recurring clients. After first 30 days from original invoice a late payment fee of 9% will be charged and continue to reoccur every 30 days unless other arrangements are made. For any checks returned for non-payment by the bank we will add a return check fee charge of $30 to the current invoice. First time clients are required to pay in full with cash, credit card, and/or PayPal at the time of service. Checks are not accepted on first time appointments.

2. Cancellations & Fees
We require minimum 24 hours cancellation or reschedule notice prior to cleaning appoitment. There will be no charge incurred if service is canceled or rescheduled prior to 24 hours period including weekends and holidays. In event, cancellation or reschedule is requested in less then 24 hours, any reason there is no access to the premises, any reason our staff is turned away when arrived at scheduled time, any reason working environment is unsafe for our staff, or other work is performed during scheduled cleaning and there is interferes with our work, you will be liable to pay 100% of prearranged cleaning fees for that scheduled appointment. All first time clients will be charged a cancellation fee of minimum 3 hours at rate of $45/hour (total $135).

3. Health & Safety
Our staff on each appointment will evaluate working conditions for safety and health risks. In event the working conditions have risks, our staff reserves the right to refuse to perform dangers duties. Anytime a client is providing a cleaning agents not know to us, we reserve the right to refuse to use it if the cleaning agent is determined to be unsafe. If our staff is abused or assaulted, verbally or physically, we will not tolerate this and a legal action or a criminal prosecution will be taken against the guilty party.

4. Access to Premises
We will require to gain entry to your premises either by acquiring a separate key, have access to a copy of a key from secured location (front desk or doorman), or you must always be home during specific time frame to let our staff in or out from the premises. Please remember a cancellation fee will apply if no one will be home during our scheduled arrival time frame. If there is an alarm system, a code will need to be provided or the alarm will need to always be disarmed if our staff will be using a key to enter the premises. An alarm company may issue a separate alarm code for our staff at your request. In even, you decide to leave the door unlocked, or leave a key in unsecured location for our staff to enter, or ask to return a key to unsecured location when our staff will be leaving, we will not be responsible for any damages before or after our staff leaves the premises.

5. Our Cleaning Limitations
A. We do not move furniture.
B. We do not lift heavy items of more then 15 lbs.
C. We do not clean windows.
D. We do not clean any excrements such as animal or human feces, cat litter boxes, animal cages and/or habitats.
E. We do not wash carpets (only vacuum)
F. We can only use two-step ladders for reaching cleaning areas.

6. Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
We don't provide cleaning supplies or equipment. We may purchase initial supplies or replenish at a separate expense. We only use known cleaning brands and the supplies will be stored at your location.  A canister type vacuum cleaner and a map will need to be accessible for our staff. We may aid in purchasing correct equipment for your cleaning location. We found that having supplies and equipment at location allows us to be more efficient for our clients. Most cleaning services will use cleaning time for unloading and loading equipment from the time they arrive. Our work clock starts only when we enter your designated cleaning area.

7. Refunds Policy
We can not offer refunds. Our staff will clean to the best of their professional ability in a designated time. Please understand that cleaning is always customized to clients expectations and the time required may change. If more time is needed we will contact you to get approval. In even, an area was cleaned and was done incorrectly, we may offer re-cleaning under reasonable circumstances. If you are not satisfied with our work please let us know right away.

8. Pets
We are a pet friendly company and we will be happy to work around your domestic pets. However, please let us know in advance if you have a pet. For safety concerns we recommend to keep pets away from cleaning areas due to cleaning chemicals that may be harmful or life-threatening to your pet. We will not be responsible if a pet gets sick from cleaning chemicals even that we use premium cleaning agents. We also don't clean pet feces, cages, habitats, and/or kitty litter boxes. If a pet is free to roam around we will take precaution but will not be responsible if a pet escapes. In event a pet will become hostile, we reserve the right to leave the premises immediately and charge a full fee for that rescheduled appointment. Please understand that pets may behave differently when no family member is present. If our employees will be harmed by your pet and will require to seek medical attention, you will be responsible for medical bills related to this event.

9. Damages
Sometimes accidents will happened and our staff is advised to inform the office in an event of any damage. If you will find damage please lets us know right away. The office will then contact you to make arrangements to inspect the damage and propose resolution. We are fully insured and will take proper steps to solve this matter as quickly as possible. We may reserve a right to offer a repair or a replacement of the damaged item. If there are any unpaid invoices, all your rights to file damages claims are waived until all balances are settled.

10. Expensive or Sentimental Items Damages
If you have very expensive or sentimental items and decide to clean them let us know. However, we highly recommend these items to be stored away in protected areas since we can't guarantee a repair or a replacement. We are insured up to $1,000,000 and we can provide a copy of our insurance liability at upon request. If the item will not be covered under our insurance and you still decide to clean the item we will not be responsible for any damage that occurs. We recommend having these items insured at your own expense to be assured that these items are covered.

11. Sickness
Please reschedule cleaning appointment if someone is contiguously sick (heavy flu, heavy cold, measles, etc..) at your cleaning location.

12. Our Guarantee
We strive on our quality service reputation and 100% satisfaction for our clients. If you are not satisfied please let us know right away. We promise to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

13. Temperature Settings
Our staff is instructed to adjust temperature thermostats to 70 F in cleaning areas and return them back to the previous settings before leaving the premises or otherwise instructed by our clients.

14. Pricing
All our website prices may change at anytime. We will always notify our current clients prior to service provided if our prices have changed.

15. Image Policy
We may occasionally take images of cleaning areas as proof that work was performed and/or as proof of any damages discovered before or after cleanings. These images will never be published without your consent and its only for our records. We may be required to submit some pictures of damages to our insurance company for processing a claim. We will never take pictures of anyone in your property or any personal property not related to the damage or cleaning area. We strongly value and respect your privacy rights.

16. Non-Solicitation
A. Our Clients Agreement
Please understand we invest a lot of resources into selecting and training our professional staff. By rendering our services, you agree not to solicit or hire (in professions as a cleaner, maid, janitor, maintenance, and other related fields), directly or indirectly, on your behalf or on behalf of a third party, employ or contract, any Annas' Superior Cleanings Services employees or contract employees, current or former employees, without Annas' Superior Cleaning Services written approval, for a period of at least two years from the time each our employee last worked for us. However, if you still decide to breach this agreement then you agree to pay Annas' Superior Cleaning Services an amount of $15,000 with respect to each employee, as liquidated damages.

B. Our Staff Agreement
All our employees have also signed a “Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation agreement” and are prohibited from soliciting employment opportunities from any our clients, directly or indirectly, on their behalf or behalf of third party, for a period of two years after employment termination.

17. Copyright
Some of the graphics on this website ( are a property Annas' Superior Cleaning Services and are distinguished by a watermark. All Annas' Superior Cleaning Services graphics are prohibited from distribution, modification, and may not be used without first obtaining a written approval.